Bike of mystery ARISU ?」

I arranged the old negative film of which father took a picture, and discovered one photograph.
The strange bike that had been taken a picture in around 1960 falled there.
What is the bike ? Only one negative film : the clue.

ARISU?The whole of photography .

Especially, is the feature a chain case ? of the side of the engine.
V character type vertical seems to connect with the box where it gets on the engine head and to drive something on the head.
Because the engine head seems for the cooling fin to have adhered to length in the sparking plug, it is possible to think like two strokes.
However, the position of the exhaust pipe seems for the exhaust valve to exist because it is high.
However, it doesn't seem that there is a valve mechanism on the suction side, and doesn't see the carburetor.
Do the suction valve and the exhaust valve line up forward of the engine ?
It is seen that there is secretly an exhaust pipe like the carburetor when thinking so.

On the other hand, the cover that has expanded in the furnace after the diagonal drives the thing of like Distoribiyuta of the car.
However, it seems that four one that seems to be a high-tension code has adhered to it.
In a word, four plugs though it is sure to ignite . . . Surely . . . It cannot be thought four cylinders at all.

Enlargement of engine part

There is the one that seems to be the meter on the fuel tank.
Though it thought the emblem that has adhered to the tank to be "ARISU"?

Enlargement of a fuel tank .

"ARISL"? How it reads if it sees well !

Enlargement of an emblem .

True colors turning out of mystery bike !

True colors turned out in splendid reasoning of Mr. Ogunasu.
The fourth character was not "S" but "E.".
This bike was "ARIEL SQUARE FOUR" made in Britain.

The catalog of ARIEL Model 4F in 1935 .

It is a hand shift in the illustration (catalog in 1935 by "Mats Berglinds homepage about old motorcycles" above.
Perhaps, because it is a foot shift in the catalog in the under in 1936, the bike of the negative film seems made of 1936 years.

The catalog of ARIEL Model 4F in 1936 .

It is OHC (OverHead Camshaft) of 600cc, and "Four cylinders in Square" very !
They are two exhausts in a single carburetor !

The imagination figure of an engine head . In a word, the head surroundings are such feeling.
The illustration of an engine head .The under is forward in figure.
There is a thin inlet port under the center, and the carburetor clings there.
Placing the plug and projecting to the outside both sides diagonally are the exhaust ports.
The camshaft horizontally passes center, and two valves queue up in the class.
inside valve is inlet port ? and the outside might be exhaust ports ?
In this illustration, the type to which the camshaft drives the distributor.

The meter on the fuel tank is also good-looking.

The catalog of "Notes of Interest" page of ARIEL

I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Mats Berglinds and his wonderful collection of catalog.

By the way, it is a story of ARIEL in the photograph.
Because my father is a child, it is 1930's.
There was a doctor who loved my father.
He seemed to take my father on the fuel tank of the bike, and to have frequently been going out to see a patient.

The bike is ARIEL and a single cylinder of 250cc.
Mr. Mats's catalog is printed, it showed to my father, and, perhaps, I think that it is MODEL LB of 1929.

The doctor had already died when my father visited the doctor in 1961.
My father asked his son how the motorcycle had become it, and went to a new owner to meet.
Instead, there was no nostalgic bike there but, there was ARIEL in the photograph.